Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Resources

Saturday Resources

It's HyVee Saturday here in the People's Republic, so not much time to write. Here's some resources to dig through:

  • Chuck Todd and Ron Gunzburger have state by state guides to Tuesday. Todd on Iowa: "The state GOP's health can be summed up by the lack of a challenge they've given to the usually vulnerable Tom Harkin. In fact, Iowa is similar to a lot of battleground states where McCain is struggling; the state’s Republican infrastructure is just a mess." See Iowa's Republican blogosphere for the details.

  • Swing State Project has a handy map of poll closing times, in which Iowa seems to join the Mountain Time Zone.

  • Charles Blow at the NYT has a timeline of McCain's demise over the past two weeks. Killer line, soon to be picked up by a northern moderate (if one can be found in the post-Leach era) as the GOP rebuilds: "The appeal of the Grand Old Party needs to be broader than the audience of the Grand Ole Opry."
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