Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Clips

Buried in a Busy Week

Gee, not much happening this week, huh? Banner headlines like closing Gitmo are just one another story in The First Hundred Hours.

But here's some of the trivia I dine out on:

  • Percentages of women in state legislatures!

    Note some correlations: the states with the lowest percentages are almost all red, except Pennsylvania, Virgina, and Ohio. If you look, you kind of see that Appalachia stripe. The pink states are blue states, but even the pinkest states are under 40%. Despite being in the federal Iowa-Mississippi club, Iowa's in the middle of the pack for state legislators.

  • Ann Coulter luvs Steve King. Palin and Jindal too. And Steve luuuvs teh fetii.
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