Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iowans Not On House Target List

Iowa Dems Not On Early House GOP Target List

The House Republican leadership was quick to shoot out a somewhat spurious press release yesterday, for the relatively routine procedural vote on a rules package. "____ Voted to Make it Easier to Raise Taxes on the American People," screamed the headline.

The release went out to select districts, giving us an early hint at where the GOP sees opportunities in 2010. brownsox at Kos has the full list and notes:
Few surprises here (Bart Stupak of Michigan being one exception), though I expect that more than a few of these will no longer be serious NRCC targets by midsummer 2010. The surprises are in the exclusions.

Bruce Braley and Leonard Boswell show up on the exclusion list. Apparantly, Dave Loebsack is so strong that his exclusion doesn't even merit a mention.

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