Wednesday, January 28, 2009

National Notes

Just a few clips to get you through mid-week:

  • Nate Silver is already analyzing presidential support scores on Day 8: " If there's news, it's that Judd Gregg may have emerged as a top-tier potential filibuster-breaking vote."

  • Jim DeMint is 100% anti-Obama, and the Politico seems to say even his fellow GOoPers thing he's, well, a jerk in his effort to be the most rightwing of the rightwing. But one tidbit leads me to think that my primary to Bob Bennett guess may be right:
    Asked in early December for his thoughts on DeMint, Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah — a close adviser to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky — said: “I have no comment. That should be a comment in and of itself.”

    After learning of the Utah Republican’s comments, DeMint said that Bennett is “a good guy, but I think sometimes he’s part of the problem.”

  • Ballot Access News says that Nebraska is keeping its district electoral vote system, since no repeal bill got filed before the cutoff date for bills. The backstory is, this is a year when there was a big term-limit driven turnover, and the n00bs in general didn't introduce much.
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