Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dodd in trouble

Oh My Dodd: Chris in trouble

Iowa one percenters take note: our old friend Chris Dodd is in trouble back home.
The poll, which was released on Tuesday, painted a dire picture for Dodd. Just one in ten (11 percent) said that Dodd definitely deserved reelection while one in three (32 percent) said he definitively did not. Forty one percent of voters approved of the job Dodd is doing while 48 percent did not.

It's clear from the poll results that Dodd's problems are directly tied to his acknowledgment that he received a home loan through Countrywide under a special program -- although he has insisted he received no preferential treatment and was unaware of his special status.

What would normally be a relatively minor bump in the ethical road is magnified by the financial crisis. One idea: he could move back to Iowa and run against Chuck Grassley.

The New York Observer thinks Dodd's explanations and mea culpas are likely to hold up, and the Republican recruiting list consists of two recently defeated congressmen, so Dodd should emerge unscathed. I thought at one point in the presidential campaign, he had said he would retire win or lose, but any reversal of that was probably buried in obscurity.

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