Thursday, February 26, 2009

Evolution and Rod Roberts

Rod Roberts must be running for governor

Douglas Burns of Carroll has been saying for a while that his hometown state Rep, Rod Roberts, is in the mix the GOP gubernatorial nod in 2010.

With Roberts introducing an anti-evolution bill, I'm now convinced.
The bill maintains that teaching religious theories of evolution falls under academic freedom. It would allow teachers at all education levels to teach religious theories as science, and it would forbid teachers from discounting non-science based answers from students on papers and tests.

That no wrong answers provision should do wonders for state test scores.

You don't introduce a bill like to get it pased. You do it to make the base happy. Is Bob Vander Plaats looking over his shoulder yet? Meanwhile, Pastafarians are sure to demand equal time.

(And Republicans are complaining that the Dems are "wasting time" talking about the Electoral College?)

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