Monday, March 16, 2009

Biden Uses Cheney's Language

Vice Presidential Cussin': Joe vs. Dick

Joe Biden opened his mouth again over the weekend, with some vocabulary that would get me blocked by the filtering software.

But even when Joe cusses, it's with warmth and affection. Listen for yourself as Joe reacts with jovial yet obscene modesty ("Give me a f---ing break!") when a former Senate colleague addresses him by title "Mr. Vice President." This is defnitely a guy who, despite his love of his own voice, is not too full of himself. Reminds me of seeing him at the Hamburg Inn, as he cut off the person introducing him with a long CV of his Senate years and simply said, "I'm Joe Biden."

Compare that to Dick Cheney's well-publicized F-Bomb: he was angrily telling a political enemy, Sen. Pat Leahy, where to stick it.

The real obscenity, of course, is Cheney's continued defense of the Cheney-Bush Administration and its torture policies this past weekend on CNN.

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