Thursday, March 12, 2009

Foreclosure Map

Half of Foreclosures in only 35 Counties

A map of where home foreclosures are concentrated has been making the rounds the last couple days, with the accompanying story that over half of all forclosures have happened in only 35 counties.

Granted, those tend to be metro mega-counties, but even then that's still pretty concentrated.

It seems we have not so much a national foreclosure crisis as we have a sunbelt foreclosure crisis: California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Vegas. The original version in USA Today gives you a slider that lets you compare 2008 foreclosure rates to 2006, and shows that the crisis hit Colorado early, and a secondary rust belt cluster of Illinois-Indiana-Ohio-Michigan later.

Rural America is blank on the map; Iowa is at the eastern end of a seven-state area with no colored-in counties. Of course, maybe we all got foreclosed in the farm crisis of the 80s.

This mak led me to a neat site, The Electoral Map, which notes: "Many of the areas hit the hardest voted for Bush in 2004 and then Obama in 2008, including the I-4 Corridor, exurban Washington and the Inland Empire."

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