Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday is Area Code Day

Happy Area Code Day

So far this month we've had Square Root Day (3/3/09), Pi Day (3/14, best celebrated at 1:59) and a second consecutive Friday the 13th. Today we have a purely local celebration, and I don't mean St. Joseph's Day (the Czech St. Pats). It's Area Code Day! We celebrate by playing Ludacris. Here's what's happening on 3/19 in the 319:

  • One person's "pork" is another person's local economy.

  • Poll (pdf): Obama beats Palin by 20 points. "Obama would easily win more than 400 electoral votes in a contest against Palin at this point in time."

  • To celebrate, the Prez is taking the Smallest Farm concept to the White House lawn, which was last done by Eleanor Roosevelt during WWII. Maybe Vilsack can come over to help detassel.
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    Zany Holidays Blogger said...

    Interesting...I hadn't heard of Area Code Day falling anytime in March, though I suppose promoting alternate Area Code Days is a cool way of showing neighborhood pride!