Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gay Marriage and Iowa Caucuses

Presidential Implications and Marriage Ruling

Ben Smith, Politico:
As well as being a major win for the gay rights movement, the ruling could change the state's landscape in 2012, bringing social issues to the fore for conservatives in the Iowa caucuses and further strengthening the hand of religious conservative favorite Mike Huckabee in his party's 2012 caucuses.

Pushing Republicans further to the right and defining them more and more by the social issues, which turns off moderates and helps Democrats nationally. Jobs, healthcare and education vs. God, guns and gays.

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RightDemocrat said...

I see your point but gay marriage is an issue that can hurt Democrats in Middle America. Even California and Florida approved gay marriage bans last November while voting for Barack Obama. We Democrats ought to be saving our political capital for issues critical to working families.