Monday, April 13, 2009

Human Being Monday

Human Being Update

In a case of poor content management, I posted a lot of actual political stuff over a low-traffic holiday weekend. So now I'm fresh out of real news for today. Go back and read the weekend stuff while I give you a couple personal updates:

  • The Smallest Farm is slowly but surely starting. The first planting of peas, spinach, lettuce and radishes from three weeks ago survived the late snow and is sprouting, so I planted a second wave of the same stuff yesterday. The bee balm that's been transplanted three times (from friend's farm to first marriage house to Bohemian Paradise to new place) is popping up through the mulch of old leaves, and the catnip crop will be plentiful.

  • Linux Monday still awaits the return of the laptop (now at 5 1/2 weeks on the injured reserve list). Upcoming topics will include: managing your music, the late April release of Ubuntu 9.04, nicknamed "Jaunty Jackalope," and an update from a newbie; a while back I gave away a Linux machine to a fellow Freecycler and I'm hoping to see how she's doing.

  • I may be doing more of that in the future; I picked up more than a dozen old machines in a Freecycle grab and am going through them a couple at a time for parts and refitting. Most of them are in the 400 to 500 Mhz CPU range; too slow for Vista and borderline for XP, but fine for Ubuntu. My bottleneck at the moment is hard drives (I have some small ones on the way), followed by memory (I have a lot of 32 and 64 meg chips but need some 128s and 256s). If you have parts, you know where to find me.
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