Wednesday, April 22, 2009

McCarthy Says Culver Not Talking

How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore Part 2

Last week it was just Crazy Ed, but this week:
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy blamed the governor as activity ground to a halt in the House, days before the Legislature was expected to adjourn.

"All of our work is pretty much done now, except for negotiations with the governor's office. And we're waiting for the governor to engage in negotiations," said McCarthy, a Des Moines Democrat.

Culver's spokesman denied that the governor is refusing to negotiate with lawmakers.

So Liebercrat Kevin McCarthy is saying roughly the same thing as Ed Fallon. That pretty much covers the whole spectrum of the Democratic Party (with the exception of DINO's Geri Huser and Dolores Mertz).

Bonus points to anyone who recognized the headline reference.

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