Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great Plains the next Democratic target

Great Plains the next Democratic target?

Kos diarist faveinchi argues, "Conservatives will lose the Great Plains next," which nicely echoes my map of a 2012 landslide from last week.

Can we turn that middle of the map red stripe blue? Well, Oklahoma is a lost cause, but even Big Red Nebraska showed a shade of blue in Omaha's district-based electoral vote. Montana, where New West Dems Gov. Brian Schwietzer and Sen. Jon Tester are riding high, was seriously contested last time. Kansas was briefly under consideration, while Kathleen Sebelius was on the veep shortlist. The Dakotas were briefly in play as well.

Targeting the Plains is a good offensive strategy that I saw, based on TV markets, back in 2005. Targeting Kansas helps in Missouri, targeting Omaha helps Iowa, targeting the Dakotas helps Minnesota.

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