Friday, May 15, 2009

No Sales Tax Recount

No Sales Tax Recounts in Johnson County

The 5 p.m. deadline three days after the canvass has passed, and neither side petitioned for recounts in the close Iowa City and Coralville sales tax elections.

Thursday afternoon Yes For All issues a release stating, "Members of our committee have observed the standard process of the Johnson County Auditor’s Office to come to a certified final result and, as a committee, we are confident in the accuracy of the certified count."

“We’re willing to accept the yes in Iowa City if they’re willing to accept the no in Coralville,” Ax the Tax organizer Deb Thornton told the Press-Citizen earlier in the week. Does 'accept' meant 'no recount' or 'no do-over'? With the recount deadline passed, we'll know more soon.

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