Thursday, June 04, 2009

June Johnson County Democrats

The Monthly Bummer: Johnson County Democrats Meeting

Only about 20 or so here as the Johnson County Dems start their June business. Takes ten minutes to get minutes approved and a few more stragglers get us up to the 30 mark. Not good by historic standards, even for the summer.

We do have more electeds this month: Senator Dvorsky, Rep. Jacoby, Supervisor Sullivan and County Attorney Lyness.

Roseman scolds us about parliamentary procedure and begs for some exec board members; the membership co-chairs and Candidate Development co-chair Sarah Swisher have resigned, leaving barely any executive board at all. Fundraising chair has been vacant since Roseman took over and nominations fall flat, again.

We now review the chair's budget, which overestimates how big an off-year barbecue can be, and his two year plan, which is pretty bare bones compared to Brian Flaherty's two years ago. Budget gets passed; plan does with a bit more dissent.

The July meeting gets moved to July 9 meaning we have no more meetings before the 4th of July parades; "a group this size would be a pretty sad parade" concedes Roseman.

Flaherty: "Do we have a point person for the barbecue?" Roseman: "We do not."

Relative newcomer Jean Falk steps up for "acting" finance chair.

Ruth Spinks praised Va Lt Gov candidate Mike Signer; there's an Iowa City phone bank for him Sunday. Brad Selken announces 4 PM Saturday Obama Health Care event. Paul Deaton announces a Physicians for Social Responsibility display at the library; the ICARE breakfast is Sunday, with a Quire concert that evening.

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