Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Novoselic Drops Out of Local Race

Novoselic Drops Out of Local Race

Former Nirvana member Krist Novoselic has said nevermind to his candidacy for local office and withdrawn from the race for Wahkiakum (WA) County Clerk.

In a blog post Friday, Novoselic said he had always planned to drop out, and that his "candicacy" was solely a protest against parts of Washington's "top two primary" law.

"If there's a party label next to a candidate's name on the ballot, I want to know that the party is backing the candidate," wrote Novoselic, who had filed as "Grange Party" even though the Grange, a rural progressive organization, is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates. Novoselic is head of both his local Grange group and the county Democratic Party.

"Looking back, perhaps I should have chosen an organization which would have been more willing to protect its trademark," Novoselic wrote. "How about the Prefers Starbucks Party? Maybe Microsoft? The best would be the Prefers Walt Disney Party—-because claiming Disney would further demonstrate what a Mickey-Mouse system this is."

Washington's Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties unsuccessfully challenged the top two law in court. “I think Novoselic is spot-on in pointing out the flaws in this law,” Washington Democratic Party chair Dwight Pelz told the Longview Daily News, adding that the current system amounts to “a ridiculous set of rules.”

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