Saturday, June 06, 2009

Progressive Caucus Responds to Blue Dogs on Health Care

Progressive Caucus Responds to Blue Dogs on Health Care

For all the noise they make, the 51 House Blue Dog conservative Democratic group is outnumbered by the 78 House members (plus Senators Bernie Sanders and Tom Udall) Progressive Coalition.

Yesterday the Progressives responded to the Blue Dogs on health care (h/t Kos):
...the overwhelming majority of CPC Members would prefer a single-payer approach. If a single-payer plan is not enacted, we agree with President Obama that there must be a robust public health insurance option like Medicare offered alongside the private plans....

The CPC believes the public plan should provide a guarantee of coverage, affordable, high-quality and accessible healthcare, and lower costs regardless of income, health status, race, employment, or gender. We strongly oppose any conditions or triggers undermining and limiting the availability of the public option.

Full text here (.pdf)

Most of the Progressive Caucus members are from urban or majority-minority districts, but one exception is our own Dave Loebsack.

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