Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Questions You May Not Have Asked

Questions You May Not Have Asked

  • Since we're flashing back twenty years today with Tienanmen Square anyway, Would Mike Dukakis Have Won the 2008 Election? Andrew Gelman at FiveThirtyEight looks strictly at the demographics (bouncing off Bowers).

    Bowers says:
    (Dukakis') exit polls of 40% among whites, 89% among African-Americans, and 70% among Latinos is enough to reach 50%+1 now, even in the event that African-American turnout was only 12% of the vote instead of 13%. That is an 8% shift toward Democrats in just twenty years...

    Gelman says not quite. But "This doesn't really shoot down Bowers's main argument--demographic shifts are important."

  • What makes Bill Salier and Doug Gross relevant? Iowa Republican swears off "RINO" Gross and "Steve King's too liberal" Salier.

  • And What’s wrong with a 30-hour work week?
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