Thursday, June 04, 2009

Reagan Deathday

Reagan Deathday

In Harry Potter world, ghosts celebrate their "deathday," and five years after the week of hagiography that liberal bloggers dubbed "Gipperporn," Ronnie haunts us more than ever.

"The starting point for many of the catastrophes confronting the United States today can be traced to Reagan’s presidency," writes Robert Perry. "Nixon, Ford and Carter won scant praise for addressing the systemic challenges of America’s oil dependence, environmental degradation, the arms race, and nuclear proliferation – all issues that Reagan essentially ignored and that now threaten America’s future."

tokin woody
reminds us of the top 20 things we won't hear today: Iran-Contra, James Watt, ketchup as a vegetable...

No, I'm not as gracious as my President, inviting Nancy Reagan to the White House and signing a Reagan Centennial Commission into being. Obama has to be gracious. He has to build a winning coalition. I'm just a blogger who has to say uncomfortable things and push at the edges. And as much as I despised Bush for his illegitimate election and illegitimate war, I could never really loathe him the way I did Reagan.

Part of it was just my age; it's easier to be self-righteously angry at 20 than at 40. My age (just right for a draft) also made those wars, hot and cold, seem more real. But no one will ever surpass Ronnie on my list for Worst. President. Ever.

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