Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Clips

Tuesday Clips

  • Register reports on Bill Northey fundraising letter... for re-elect as Sec of Ag, NOT for Guv.

  • One who IS running for Guv is Bob Vander Plaats, and Todd Dorman takes him to task for, in Mark McCormick's words, “suggesting lawlessness” on the marriage equality issue.

    So the question is, how badly does the hard right want the marriage fight as their main emphasis? Can they really be thinking, "Rants is OK, but a little too moderate for me"?

  • And look who's at The Iowa Republican writing about health care: a certain eye doctor from Ottumwa. MMM touches on some of the usual buzzwords ("rationing," "central government" data, etc). The name Loebsack is not mentioned.
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