Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday's clips

Wednesday's clips

  • Politico on Creigh Deeds' landslide in the Virginia governor's primary: "The primary results were a brutal repudiation of the most famous man in the race: former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Clinton family friend Terry McAuliffe, who until recent days was widely seen as in command of the race."

  • Paul Krugman with some comparative politics:
    What would have happened if hanging chads and the Supreme Court hadn’t denied Al Gore the White House in 2000? Many things would clearly have been different over the next eight years.

    But one thing would probably have been the same: There would have been a huge housing bubble and a financial crisis when the bubble burst. And if Democrats had been in power when the bad news arrived, they would have taken the blame, even though things would surely have been as bad or worse under Republican rule.

    You now understand the essentials of the current political situation in Britain.

  • And we have another hip-hop Republican joining Michael Steele: Tim Pawlenty thinks the GOP should be ‘just like Eminem.’ Racist, homophobic, and peaked in 2001?
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