Monday, July 06, 2009

Gingrich Raiding Democratic Primaries

Gingrich Raiding Democratic Primaries

My tirade about the evils of Republicans crossing over to vote in Democratic primaries just. won't. go. away. Just to make me mad, who should be encouraging this bad behavior but the Newt himself:
In his interview with The Washington Times, Mr. Gingrich sketched out a vision for conservatives and Republicans to block what he considers the Obama-Democratic march to socialism by thinking outside the party-label box. That includes building a center-right majority in Congress and the state legislatures — regardless of party identification — even if that means the heretical idea of Republicans actively promoting and backing conservative Democratic candidates in selected races where a GOP candidate would have little chance of winning.

"I would urge conservatives in California to find a Democrat to run in every Assembly and Senate seat in California that can't be contested by Republicans, and then to run a Republican in every seat they could possibly win, and then have an overt goal of creating a bipartisan conservative coalition," Mr. Gingrich argues. "I'd do the same thing nationally."

Can't wait to see how "Endorsed by Newt" plays in a Democratic primary...

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