Monday, July 27, 2009

Grassley No On Sotomayor

Grassley No On Sotomayor

Means he's more worried about the base than about the opposition. Same as when he was a yes on Clarence Thomas in 1991--except that actually mattered.

You may have noticed I've written next to nothing about the Sotomayor nomination. That's because there's not much to write. It's been clear since about Day Three that she was going to make it, and the rest has all been a low-key dog and pony show designed to cover the committee Republicans on their right flank. Times have changed enough that we'll never see a 99-0 confirmation again. Bill Clinton must be mighty grateful that he got his two vacancies in the two years he had a Democratic majority.

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marmom said...

His vote doesn't surprise me, but it might placate his base enough so that he can actually help move HC out of committee before the recess. Sen. leaders would rather that HC not move at all, but Chuck looks willing to do something (although not close to adequate in my opinion). However if he voted Y on Sotomayor he'd really have his base upset. I think it gives him a little more wiggle room with HC.