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July Johnson County Democrats

July Johnson County Democrats

Here we are again, a week late from the holiday: The monthly meeting of the Johnson County Dennis Roseman DFA (Dennis for... something with an A) Democratic Party. We have about 20 people here and only two elected officials: supervisor Rod Sullivan and Rep. Nate Willems. Well, technically three: labor leader Pat Hughes is an Oxford Township trustee. Supervisor candidate Janelle Rettig is also here.

The treasurer reports that the party coffers are... I don't want to say the number but low.

A recent comment sums up the status of the executive board:
2nd Vice Chair (James Moody) - moving away, hasn't been to recent meetings

Treasurer (Scott Smith) - still active from the Flaherty administration

Secretary (Carl Fongheiser) - still active from the Flaherty administration

Affirmative Action (Corey Stoglin) - still in Iraq, last we heard, but expecting and hoping for a return soon

Data (Paul Deaton) - resigned

Platform (Robin Roseman) - his wife

Fundraising (Jean Fallk) - just elected last meeting, post had been vacant for four months

Public Relations (Karen Woltman) - also was empty for a short time

Membership (Caitlin Ross and Hannah Joravsky) - resigned

Candidate Development (Sarah Swisher) - resigned

So, in summary: he has left his wife, two of Flaherty's boys who are still trying to help, and two volunteers who are names on a sheet only.

Local political legend Gary Sanders offers a resolution urging Iowa City Council to condemn infiltration of peace group (via letter to FBI; council member Michael Wright says votes aren't there for a resolution) AND send same to local press. (Apparently last month we forgot the "press" part.) Easily passed.

Caucus arrangements group set up: Roseman, vice chair Chris Forbes, and Sullivan. Anyone you can think of notably not invited to that list? Roseman notes the data and membership chair vacancies. We have a parade tomorrow in Tiffin, Sullivan notes; this is the first Roseman has heard of it and says he can't make it. Carsner and Flaherty note other upcoming parades, notice how the former chairs are the ones who know what's going on?

Dennis gets more engaged with a health care update. "Policy is my thing," he says, as befits one who came up from the platform committee. That's a very different skill set than, say, get out the vote. We may not have anyone at the parades, but we'll get signatures on petitions.

New finance chair Jean Falk announced that the Pioneer/awards dinner is officially off now. BBQ dates and sites still up in the air.

Bone crushingly dull half hour discussion of an audit report -- with no problems found in the finances themselves -- ends with nothing actually being done. Rod Sullivan nails it: "Look around you. See these empty chairs? THIS is why. We've been discussing this for a half hour. We have GOT to do a better job with stuff like this."

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Nominations for membership and candidate development go begging.

The group breaks into subcommittees for the first time under the Roseman administration (the lack of breakout groups was one of his main criticisms of the Flaherty Administration).

The breakouts took 20 mins. or so; the old hands gravitated to the BBQ group.

Janelle Rettig states her case and wants to start doorknocking right after RAGBRAI. Also notes that July 28 5-7 Senator Becky Schmitz is having a Mill fundraiser.

Rep. Nate Willems has been representing UFCW workers in Muscatine who've been locked out close to a year. "The company's trying to starve us into submission." Dems weren't able to get 51 votes to get the big labor bills passed. "The impact of all our wins haven't trickled down to that picket line in Muscatine," but he's nevertheless staying optimistic. He's also throwing a 30th (!) birthday event July 20, 6-8 at Palisades-Kepler.

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