Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Steele Passes Westwood Line

Steele Passes Westwood Line

Lost in the news shuffle of Michael Jackson, Al Franken and Sarah Palin is a significant Republican milestone that I only noticed when Michael "no relation to my in-laws" Steele alienated his own base yet again saying Palin is out for `12:

Michael Steele has officially passed the Westwood Line, exceeding the 149 day tenure as party chair of Jeanne Westwood. She was George McGovern's choice to head the DNC in 1972 and got whacked right after the election.

Never thought he'd make it past the Westwood Line, especially after that special election loss in New York for Gillibrand's seat that was supposed to be make and break for Steele.

Now the only question: Will Dennis Roseman last until August 1?

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