Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trial Balloon: Strawn for Congress?

Trial Balloon: Strawn for Congress?

Krusty floats the trial balloon of RPI chair Matt Strawn running against Leonard Boswell, and with mixed feelings:

"We need aggressive candidates challenging the status quo, and Boswell typifies the status quo more than anyone.

The question though is when? We need a candidate to step forward now, but he’s the party chair. How would that work? If he waits until 2012 who knows what redistricting will do since Iowa is likely to lose a seat in congress.

I think there is little doubt that Strawn has eyes on a congressional seat. But the best course of action for Stawn is to put his head down, honor his commitment to the State Central Committee, and help guide us through the critical elections of 2010.

But what if he doesn’t want to wait? Then what?"

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