Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iowa City Primary

Looks Like Iowa City Has a Primary

On deadline day a third student, Dan Tallon, filed for the at-large race, setting up a likely city-wide October 6 primary to eliminate one of the five candidates.

I say "likely" because the city clerk is still checking signatures on Tallon's petitions, and if someone bails by Tuesday's drop-out deadline the primary gets nixed.

Presumably townies Terry Dickens and Susan Mims will get through the primary, and it'll be one of the three students (Tallon, Jeff Shipley and Jared Bazzell) who gets knocked out. But that still sets up a town vs. gown November 3 election, which we've never had before.

Tallon addressed the Council last month (page 49 of this 58 page pdf transcript) in opposition to the Field House liquor license denial (which passed unanimously).

District B candidates Mark McCallum and incumbent Connie Champion go straight to the November ballot.

University Heights barely dodges a primary with two candidates for mayor and ten for council. One more in either and they would have had their first primary in memory.

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