Thursday, August 06, 2009

Seinfeld wins 90s Poll

Seinfeld wins 90s Poll, Branstad Far Behind

One of the shortcomings about my polls is that I never set a cutoff date. But votes have slowed to a trickle and in one sense at least the verdict is certain:

Terry Branstad, the former Iowa governor on the (maybe) comeback trail, may have done well in Iowa Republican's poll, but he lost this one by a country mile, way down with the Hammer pants and the late unlamented 5 1/4 inch floppy (360k is about 20 seconds of an MP3).

So it's not Stop! Terry Time. What did come out on top? We have a three-way split near the top:

Chinese Democracy notwithstanding, a return of the original Guns N' Roses lineup finishes third.

(Technically this is `88 but that's still the middle of Branstad's second term.)

The amazing thing is that all of the original five members are still alive, though Celebrity Rehab fans know Steven Adler is a mess. (You know you've got problems when you're kicked out for being too much of a junkie for Slash.) With Scott Wieland out, Velvet Revolver needs a new singer...\

Second place is (was) my hair. I was prepared to post old pictures if I won. Too late.

But the clear master of my domain is a Seinfeld comeback. Sorry, Terry: my readers say no soup for you.

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