Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hanson Wins

Hanson Wins by 107

Dems win the proxy war in House District 90:

Curt Hanson (Democrat) 3932
Stephen Burgmeier (Republican) 3825
Dan Cesar (Fourth of July Party) 40
Douglas William Philips (Nominated by Petition) 242
Write-In Votes 7
Total Votes 8046

Winners: Democratic GOTV, a likable candidate who taught half the district how to drive, Pat Murphy and the House Dems, labor (now remember that) and the Big Lug.

Losers: National Organization for Marriage, National Organization for Marriage, a not so likable candidate, the GOP backlash, Burgmeier as a challenger for Becky Schmitz next year, National Organization for Marriage.

Draw: Third party conservative independent candidates who bashed Burgmeier for not being socially conservative enough, and then were more than the margin.

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