Monday, September 07, 2009

Linux Labor Day

Linux Labor Day Links

  • In honor of football season, Windows users are the Charlie Browns of computing, always believing that THIS time Lucy won't pull the football away at the last second.

  • My music player of choice in Ubuntu is Rhythmbox. In fact it was one of the keys to my switching from Windows. Windows Media Player had too many DRM issues for me. WinAmp had one problem I just couldn't live with: it was impossible to remove tracks from the playback library.

    Rhythmbox has been really useful as I go through and de-duplicate my library. A few hundred tracks are gone but I could still do a no-repeat month or two. Rhythmbox also has some interesting add-ons here and here.

  • For ubergeeks: Update Twitter and Facebook from the Linux command line. Worth doing just to say you did.

  • Keep your kernel as up to date as possible with KernelCheck
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