Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School Board Sworn In

New School Board Members Sworn In

Michael Cooper sworn in for a second term, and Tuyet Dorau and Sarah Swisher join the board. Congrats to them and to Patti Fields, elected Board president.

Here's some random stuff:

  • Why Obama's approval is "slipping" (sic): "He's more or less in the same place he was on Election Day. In short, the people who no longer approve of the president's job performance probably never voted for him in the first place."

  • Why Grassley's approval is slipping (for real): health care, health care, and health care says Nate Silver.

  • Yet Another Journalism Obituary worth the read:
    In other countries, there are larger numbers of national newspapers with stronger political viewpoints. That might be what American journalism will look like in the future. Imagine online news sources with immediacy, lower costs and greater impact. They might be aimed at a more targeted demographic that reflects specific interests and political views instead of the one-size-fits-all type of approach used before.

    Generally, I think journalism in the future will tend to be more cutting-edge, more controversial, than have been media financed solely by advertising. Compare HBO to network television. On the whole, advertisers do not like controversy. And “interesting” and “controversy” go hand in hand.

    Like I been sayin'.

  • Rings of Saturn at equinox = way cool.

  • And it was 40 years ago (more or less) today: the Iowa connection to Paul Is Dead.
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