Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iowa City Summary

Thursday Afternoon City Election Update

Satellite voting on campus has come to an end and I've run out of anti-superlatives to describe how bad it did. 22 voters at Schaeffer and 28 at the Old Capitol Mall brings the eight site, four day campus total to 153. Compare that to the 2,890 on-campus satellite votes in the 2007 21 bar election, and 4,493 in the presidential.

Early voting now moves toward townie turf: the Iowa City Library and University Hospitals tomorrow, Saturday off to watch the Hawks, then the library and Hy-Vees Sunday.

The Gazette offered its endorsements this AM, backing Connie Champion for re-election in District B: "Champion especially has the history and perspective the city needs to navigate a difficult road ahead."

In the at large, they back Susan Mims ("a practical and decisive person who takes a critical look at issues and options") and, in a surprise, Dan Tallon:
But as the 20-year-old has said, he’s more than a “student candidate.” As a National Guardsman, Tallon has developed discipline and broader life experience than many students. In an interview with The Gazette’s Editorial Board, he showed a competent, thoughtful grasp of issues from public housing to taxation and economic development.

Look for Herteen & Stocker to pull their Gazette ads soon.

District B challenger Mark McCallum has filed his campaign finance report. He raised $775 from donors and loaned himself $1050; of that he's spent $829 and has $996 on hand. Not a lot by Iowa City standards, but then Champion hasn't opened her committee yet so she may not be above the $750 limit. Reports are due today but there's usually a day or so lag time on the campaign finance web site.

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