Monday, November 09, 2009

Conlin Launches Web Ad

Conlin Launches Web Ad

The soon to be officially launched Roxanne Conlin Senate campaign hit the webwaves with a two-minute re-introductory ad Monday morning.

"The special interests have had their turn, now it's our turn," Conlin says in the tag line (she does the full voiceover herself). There's no specific mention of Chuck Grassley, but some references to "career politicians" imply the target. O. Kay has full text and press release.

Indeed, "target" is the wrong word, as Conlin plays up her humble roots. Defusing the Rich Trial Lawyer attack that's soon to be sure to come, she talks of living paycheck to paycheck and working through school. We see lots of Ken Burnsy still photos of Ordinary Iowans; the only moving pictures are of Conlin.

No work yet on whether it will hit broadcast; my bet is that a short version is in the can ready and waiting for the Official Announcement.

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