Thursday, November 05, 2009

November Johnson County Dems

November Johnson County Dems

After a longer than usual gap the Johnson County Democrats are back. No liveblog thanks to my once-again out of action laptop but here's some highlights:

  • A unanimous endorsement of a One Iowa resolution opposing the constitutional amendement against marriage equality. (There's a double negative here: Yes means no means yes, meaning yes to marriage equality.) This position should go without saying among Johnson County Democrats, but in the wake of Maine is worth saying.

  • Janelle Rettig on hand, in her new role as supervisor.

  • A couple events coming up: A Friday the 13th party at the Dvorsky's for legislative candidate Kirsten Running-Marquardt, and US Senate candidate Bob Krause at the Mill Sunday 11/15.

  • Let's not forget Vice President Joe at the Jefferson-Jackson 11/21...

  • And the rest was administrivia focused on the Jan. 23 caucuses.

  • As for the laptop, it's my own damn fault for dropping it on a hardwood floor in a Wisconsin hotel room three weeks ago. That's one of the limiting factors in my writing productivity, along with a nasty cold that I'm just shaking and my bad attitude about the city election.
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