Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taking the day off

Taking the day off

Veteran's Day is traditionally my outdoor cleanup day, as it comes at a convenient time just after election day. (I've got a lull for at least a couple days... after that we'll see.) Plus it's one of those rare days that I get off but the kids don't. Now with the sun down and the Smallest Farm sleeping under a bed of leaves for the winter, I get to tweak the Linux on the just-returned laptop.

So I got a lot done but not nearly as much as Phineas and Ferb get done in a typical morning. Who? You like Calvin and Hobbes? Of course you do. Well, multiply him by two, keep the creativity but inverse the polarity on the attitude, and that's them. Oh, I forgot: remember when Calvin built the time machine out of the same cardboard box that used to be the transmogrifier? When Phineas and Ferb make one it really works. And the tiger is a platypus instead.

What I need is a giant Rake-inator to rake up all the leaves in the Tri-State Area for my evil plan.

But we do have a Backyard Beach:

Aren't I a little old to be watching cartoons? Why, yes. Yes I am.

Kids: the best excuse ever for not growing up.

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