Friday, December 11, 2009

Delegation Notes

Congressional Delegation Notes

National Journal's Hotline drops some lists on DC, full of mosts and leasts, and some Iowans merit mentions.

  • When asked "Which voice in your party would you most like to mute?" the GOP members of Congress surveyed ranked Steve King in the league with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. (King's constituents may think that's a good thing.)

  • The Reg notes that Bruce Braley is on the "prightest future" list.

  • And while none of the Congressional delegation is on the list of those surveyed, the "political insiders" list seems to have more than its share of Iowans. Gotta love those caucuses.

    One other note: Charlotte Eby picks up on grumbling that GOP congressional candidate Jim Gibbons has carpetbagged into the 3rd CD to run against Boswell. I must, yes I must, note that Leonard Boswell himself is a carpetbagger. He was placed in what's now the 5th CD in 2001. As a proud Blue Dog, he might have held on--and even with his pre-Fallon primary voting record he would be a great improvement over Steve King. The 5th is the kind of district where a Blue Dog is acceptable.

    But instead he took the easy pickings of Des Moines and muscled Matt McCoy, already up and running, out of the open seat race (that was the year Greg Ganske was running against Harkin). We got a Blue Dog where we should have gotten a progressive. So basically, Leonard's got no room to complain about carpetbagging.

    Tangent for the personally acquainted: Apparantly the Mediacom email issue was a nation-wide problem--it actually shoed up on Google's hot search terms yesterday. Seems to be kinda working now, but as for the phone, it's still dead. So your blogger is still suffering off-the-grid anxiety.
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