Monday, December 28, 2009

Linux Monday

Last Linux Monday of the Decade

2010: Year of the Linux Desktop. (Laugh if you get the joke.) Here's our Alternate Operating System tips of the week:

  • It's a little late for holiday travel, but here are "tips for traveling with Tux" that may even be useful to Windows and Mac folks. Plus I love the name "Unethical Blogger" as I'm accused of that occasionally.

  • This list of Linux cheat sheets is useless to all but the converted, and will likely scare off the unconverted, but still a good resource.

  • And in China they're responding to Microsoft's latest piracy crackdown by... making Ubuntu look like XP.

    Spent some weekend time kernel crunching and have been learning the interconnectedness of the Linux kernel ecosystem. Moral of the story: Use the scientific method and change one thing at a time. And backup, backup, backup.
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