Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make Her Spend It All, Janelle

Make Her Spend It All, Janelle

Back when Jay Rockefeller first ran for office in West Virginia, his opponent had bumper stickers that said MAKE HIM SPEND IT ALL, ARCH. Now, it seems to be happening here.

Lori Cardella may claim to be a taxpayer watchdog, but she's quite free with her own campaign money. After the robocalls of a couple weeks past, we now hear widespead reports of Cardella mailers in pretty much every mailbox in the county addressed, with that personal touch, to RESIDENT or OCCUPANT. My letter carrier must have has a good chuckle; she has to detour around my Rettig sign to get to the mailbox.

Speaking of signs, Janelle Rettig's proudly say Democrat (though, as it's at the bottom of the sign, it may be drifted under) while Lori's signs and flyers, um, don't mention the R word.

Also worth noting: Republican blog Coralville Courier is running a straw poll on the race. As I write, yeah, Cardella's ahead. But barely, just 49% to 43% for Janelle among a heavily Republican readership. Feel free to check it out.

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