Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cardella skips forum

Cardella skips forum

A classic empty chair debate last night as Republican supervisor candidate Lori Cardella refused to attend the Sierra Club's candidate forum.

The Sierra Club always prided itself on its bipartisanship, and endorsed Jim Leach as late as 2006, much to the frustration of those of us who supported a long list of Leach opponents. But the GOP has drifted so far right, with its supervisor candidate who wants to eliminate planning and zoning ("the very existence of planning and zoning and the land use plan implies that someone or thing has more control over ones property than the private citizen."), that the Sierra Club literally isn't worth their time anymore. In the process, they've driven out environmentalists like... well, Janelle Rettig.

So that's the big story out of last night's forum: no Cardella. Unfortunately, the Press-Citizen headline (at least online) is the innocuous "Candidates talk environmental issues." Another weakness of "objective" journalism is that it fails to catch the, um, rhetorical flair of Jim "last place behind the candidate who dropped out" Knapp.

Another forum tonight, 7 PM at the Iowa City Library, hosted by the League of Women Voters.

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