Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joe Walsh Sues Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh vs. Joe Walsh

Geezers like me remember guitarist Joe Walsh's foray into the Pat Paulsen territoy of parody political candidacy. The silliest Eagle "ran" for president in 1980 on a "Free Gas For Everyone" platform. 12 years later Joe announced a vice presidential candidacy and even wrote the most politically to the point song this side of Alice Cooper's "I Wanna Be Elected": "Vote For Me."
I’d like to announce my candidacy,
I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for me.
I want to be Vice President.
Vote for me.

If I was Vice President you know what I’d do?
Pretty much anything I wanted to.
Vote for me. Vote for me.

I’d have a first class seat on Air Force One.
An awesome pad in Washington...D.C. (If you vote for me)
Play golf all day with heads of state,
If they brought beer wouldn’t that be great? I can’t wait!
Vote for me. Vote for me.

Pretty much says it all.
I don't know much of Joe Walsh's political views, but he did spend a lot of years hanging out with Don Henley, so some leftyness may have rubbed off.

Now Joe Walsh is running for Congress, and Joe Walsh has a problem with that. See, candidate Joe Walsh is a different Joe Walsh than musician Joe Walsh. And candidate Joe Walsh is using musician Joe Walsh's Joe Walsh music.

And musician Joe Walsh is sending in the lawyers:
A lawyer for singer Walsh wrote to candidate Walsh to demand he stop using the music from "Walk Away" -- a pre-Eagles Joe Walsh hit with the band James Gang -- in a campaign music video.

The Walsh campaign reworked it as "Lead the Way." The line "seems to me, you just turn your pretty head and walk away" becomes, in the candidate's version, "seems to me, Joe Walsh is just the perfect guy to lead the way."

So candidate Joe Walsh may have to do without musician Joe Walsh's Joe Walsh music--but at least he has the endorsement of the Lake County, Illinois Tea Party.

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