Thursday, January 21, 2010

State Notes

Meanwhile in Des Moines...

Playing catchup on state politics, both the legislative session and the primary. Worth noting:

  • Paul Pate launches a one-day campaign for his old Secretary of State job, filing a campaign committee on the 19th and then announcing on the 20th that he won't run. desmoinesdem has a good overview of the SOS race.

  • State rep Polly Bukta (D-Clinton) stepping down. Seat's ben in Dem hands quite some time with Art Ollie preceding Bukta.

  • Proposed legislation to expunge 18-21 year old alcohol charges from criminal records. How about just going the next step: put the drinking age back at 18 where it belongs so that these young adult "crimes" (sic) aren't crimes in the first place?

  • And Civic Skinny has the Iowa parts of "Game Change," with Madame Secretary of State doing lots of caucus bashing.
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