Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Clips

Sunday Clips

  • New blog "Coralville Post and Herald" debuts and while I generally dislike anonymity they're saying some things that need saying about the supervisor special: "Do you actually have to be a resident to be a Johnson County Supervisor?" (below a pic of Lori Cardella's SUV and its Florida plate)

  • "People are crazy if they think we win by getting more pure. We win by getting big." - Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS), alienating himself from the teabag vote.

  • Andrew Sullivan takes on Rasmussen polling and their special way of getting it different than anyone else and always to the GOP's advantage.

  • John Taplin swims against the current and says 2010 can be a big Democratic year--if:
    ...Obama makes this a National Election in the same way FDR did--taking on the bankers, the corporate Republican interests as well as holding off the far left cries for nationalization. The Chicago political team better plan to have the President spend September and October on the road fighting for his agenda and his party.

  • Tech note: Remember vinyl records and analog TV? AT&T wants a death date for the land line:
    "A huge proportion of the capital resources available to some of the largest telecommunications providers in the country is being directed, not towards improving broadband speeds or bringing broadband to more customers," AT&T contends, "but rather towards maintaining an increasingly obsolete network that is no longer capable of providing the services and features that American consumers and policymakers demand."

    In which we learn the acronym POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service.

  • And a really, really interesting look at the balance between public records and privacy with voter lists. An interesting read but there's some inaccuracies about Iowa law which like the 13th stroke of the clock cause me to doubt everything else. To wit: Iowa's ID number hierarchy is Iowa driver's license number required if you have one; if not then last four of SSN required instead. SSNs, partial or full, have not been released with purchased voter lists since beginning of 2003.

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