Monday, February 15, 2010

Over the top Iowa Republican piece

I will give up my bigotry when they pry my cold dead fingers from around it

TEAPublican (heh) at The Iowa Republican hits a new rhetorical low with this over the top "satire" on the slippery slope of marriage equality:
Threesome advocates from the organization “Many Iowa” lobbied all levels of government so well that they won landmark decisions redefining marriage once and for all leading the way to redefining some of the most seemingly concrete terms in society... SNL parodied a skit where the entire cast of Sesame Street had an orgy. Soon after when the viral satire hit everyone’s ipod, after office hour “sesame office parties” became a nationwide craze...

Yesterday was Valentine's, not April Fools, and this "spoof" is in fact quite revealing of the mindset that equates gay monogamy with every dark corner of perversion in their (relatively limited) imagination. And there's enough stuff that slips through here to prove they really mean it:
Most voters did not recognize how liberty was interconnected. Looking back now it’s obvious to determine that not keeping our courts in check and allowing them to legislate from the bench was indeed the picked lock that let morality’s chicken’s loose all over the proverbial perverted farm.

"Liberty" apparently means the right to be bigoted and inflict that bigotry on others.

Nothing fails like bad parody. You need to tell a truth that reveals something abouut the target. Instead, TEApublican reveals more about her/his own mindset. People like this are why Bob Vander Plaats will beat Branstad in the primary, and why Chet will get re-elected over BVP.

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desmoinesdem said...

If the Republicans selected their nominee in a caucus, I would agree with you, but I expect Branstad to crush BVP in the primary. I wouldn't be surprised if Branstad got 65 percent of the vote in the primary. BVP doesn't have money to get his message out, and the national "teapublican" types aren't taking an interest in this primary like they did in FL-Sen.