Sunday, February 21, 2010

Primary challengo for Ako

Primary challengo for Ako

Legislative filing season starts in about a week and we'll see at least one Democratic primary challenge. Clair Rudison, Jr. is taking on Ako Abdul-Samad in House District 66 in Des Moines.

The inner city Des Moines district is one of the most lefty Dem seats in the state; it was Ed Fallon's for 14 years until he stepped down in his 2006 bid for governor. Fallon was challenged more than once, and Ako had a challenge in `08 as well. So the Dem primary is The Real Election. As for Rudison, he's "pro-family, pro-life and pro-marriage" if you know what I mean.

Not much ripple effect from this. It'll boost turnout in that corner of Des Moines, but it won't really pull anyone out of the Republican governor's primary since there's not many Republicans to pull.

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