Monday, February 08, 2010

Readings on the Right

Readings on the Right

Always keep track of what they're up to:

  • Krusty takes the weak, 2008 retread field of Dave Loebsack opponents to task:
    Miller-Meeks is an idiot for over-reacting and over-analyzing her 2008 campaign...

    Chris Reed is an idiot for not doing more to cement himself as the alternative to Miller-Meeks...

    Does (Steve Rathje) have a grassroots network? What about a professional experienced team of advisors and staff? Is his campaign about more than just ego? Like his opponents, the answers are no, no and no.

    While the 2nd CD primary kind of reminds me of a bad reality show, I hope these candidates realize the ultimate goal isn’t winning the primary, but beating Dave Loebsack. It is not enough to win a primary for the sake of one’s ego. You must win the general election. To not have a minimum of $100,000 after the first reporting period is a clear sign it is unlikely that there will ever be that much in any of their coffers. It will take between $400-500,000 after the primary to be competitive in the general against Loebsack. And don’t fool yourselves, donors do look at past ability to raise money and will be woefully underwhelmed.

    But Krusty, you say "votes in lock step with Nancy Pelosi" like it's a bad thing and not just an exaggeration.

  • Also on the right, a new local conservablog "A Reluctant Revolutionary." Welcome Karen Fesler to the 'sphere, and spice up her comments a bit.
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    desmoinesdem said...

    They are all idiots for thinking any Republican not in the Jim Leach mode has a chance in a D+7 district.

    Exactly one current House Republican represents a district with that strong a D lean--pro-choice moderate Mike Castle of Delaware.