Sunday, February 07, 2010

SNL and Sunday clips

SNL gets two bits right

SNL saved the best for last this week, closing with two had me in tears sketches.

We need much, much more of Andy Samberg's Rahm Emanuel. He gets the persona and the politics, reminding us that it was us crazy lefty bloggers that Rahm called retards in the first place:

As for Palin: "You come after me on Facebook? What are you, 14?" (Speaking of Facebook, a great article on its development and demographics. Whatever happened to MySpace?)

Then at the wedding, Dad gets the band back together. Just enough setup to make me wonder which grossly inappropriate direction the band would take. My bet was on MTV hair band, but instead to my delight we get dead-on Kennedys:

Complete with Reagan and Haig bashing lyrics that warmed this old punk's heart. AND genuine punk credentials: behind the drums, could that be... Dave Grohl.

(Sorry about the ads. It's Hulu. Speaking of which, NBC made Conan an un-person this week.)

Other stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere:

  • Obama calls out the GOP and conservaDems and talks end the filibuster.
  • Conlin ties Grassley to porkbarrel brinksman Richard Shelby.
  • And the Loebsack opponents had a debate yesterday. James Lynch's takeaway: Rathje positions himself to the right of Reed and MMM on don't ask don't tell.
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