Friday, March 19, 2010

Jacoby draws primary challenge

Stellmach to primary challenge Jacoby

The Democratic primary in Johnson County just got more interesting: The Reg notes that "John Stellmach, of Coralville, has filed to run for the Iowa House from District 30." That's a primary challenge to Rep. Dave Jacoby (D-Coralville), who's held the seat since replacing Dick Myers in a summer 2003 special election.

Bleeding Heartland noted, after I missed it, that labor is unhappy with Jacoby's position on House file 2420, the reworked "fair share" legislation. I heard two independent reports/rumors this week of an unidentified "John" (not me) doorknocking in Coralville and North Liberty for signatures.

I've been in Johnson County and in labor for quite some time and don't know this person. Anyone?

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Lauren said...

I live in NL and was on a walk in the older neighborhood near Cherry St and saw some people doorknocking for something political (didn't overhear much, or see identifying signs). I wonder if it was related to this! I wonder if the labor issue will be enough to swing voters in this area away from Jacoby, who's a pretty good rep (IMO, from my experience working on a bill right now).