Monday, March 29, 2010

Linux Monday

Linux Monday: Hardware Edition

Thin Linux Monday, we'll look at some extreme hardware. You'd crash and burn fast trying to load Windows 7 on these, but with the right Linux distribution you'd be up and flying.

here's a desktop PC in a two inch cube. The specs are limited - 300 mhz CPU, 64MB of RAM and a flash card slot for bring your own storage - but if your purposes aor space are also limited, it might be the thing.

Here's a $99 device that can be hacked into a pretty functional machine to fit the less than a netbook, more that a smart phone niche you didn't know existed.

And for the ultra-purists who want to be TOTALLY open source, the Loongson laptop is opes source right down to the BIOS. This is ultra-purist Richard Stallman's setup:
I would ideally like to have a machine with the speed and memory of a laptop, and the display size of a laptop too, combined with the same freedom that I have now on the Yeelong.

Until I can have them both, freedom is my priority.
Sticking to your principles, a good thing. Computing like it's 1987, that's a challenge.

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