Friday, March 26, 2010

Non-Obama Clips

The Ball's Over For Us Pumpkins

Here's our non-Obama news:

  • I mentioned this in the liveblog but: County Attorney Janet Lyness told me she filed for a second term yesterday right before heading up to see The Prez. I promised I'd mention it but that it wasn't going to be our top story. Lyness won a spirited primary by a wide margin four years ago when Pat White finally stepped down (and has won over a lot of us who weren't White's fans). No challengers on the horizon so far; folks have till next Wednesday's deadline.

  • Speaking of that deadline, the Democratic fundraiser we were planning for that date is getting rescheduled, as it landed right on top of the annual United Way kickoff. Hoping to have new date/venue details in time for next week's central committee meeting.

  • Local Republicans hoping to let off steam after yesterday's Obamarama can go to their party's spaghetti supper tonight: "Food service begins at 5:00 PM and candidate speeches throughout the evening. Montgomery Hall at the Johnson County Fairgrounds." I really am hoping to cover some more GOP events this primary season, but I spent all day yesterday on what is, Register relationship aside, basically a hobby, and we have Cub Scouts tonight.

  • The Reg's Kathie Obradovich (who I finally met in person yesterday) had a good look yesterday at which of those 125 legislative races are the hottest. It ends with:
    (Republicans are) closely watching the Democratic primary in District 21, the Waterloo seat held by Kerry Burt, who pleaded guilty to drunken driving last year. If Burt is the nominee, they see an opportunity for one of two Republicans vying for the seat.

    My emphasis added. I heard yesterday that primary challenger Anesa Kajtazovic was the buzz of the Black Hawk convention last weekend.
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