Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Non-Obama Linkfest

Non-Obama Linkfest

There is, of course, other stuff happening besides The Prez coming to town.

I skipped out on the 21 bar vote last night; since I have my own little soapbox here that handfuls of people read each day, I didn't feel the need to speak, and I didn't feel the hope that I'd be any more persuasive. One can only bang one's head against the wall so long before it hurts.

The Daily Iowan, of course, does the best job of capturing the in loco parentis mood of the council and University officials.

Credit where it's due:
Councilor Regenia Bailey cast the sole vote against the issue. She said she believes the ordinance regulates outside of the council’s responsibilities.

“I don’t think the local government should play the role of ├╝berparent,” she said. “I think a lot of the discussion tonight, to me, has been frankly paternalistic. We’re talking about adults.”

I'm still recuperating from the three week marathon of candidate filing. Thanks for all the good feedback and the couple of duly-made corrections, and please send me some synonyms for "unopposed." I'm fresh out.

Craig Robinson of Iowa Republican (NOT Craig Robinson the basketball coach and First Brother In Law) has good GOP-perspective overviews of the State Senate, the Sioux City House District 2 primary. Krusty looks at the open seat (Mertz) primary in House 8 and uses the phrase "worse than Mary Mascher," which should be seen as a compliment.

As for the OTHER Craig Robinson, the popular joke now is that Barack's only coming to town to scope out the Hawks' coaching cob for the Oregon State coach...

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